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June 26-29

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You, your yearbook staff, other schools from ​Colorado and beyond, and some of the ​nation's top advisers and educators.

One of the top yearbook and journalism ​camps in the country. We spend time ​sharpening individual skills like leadership, ​reporting and photography but our main focus ​is on theme development.

Boot camp is June 26; main camp is June 27-29.

In beautiful Boulder, where we will sleep, eat ​and play on the campus of CU Boulder

Get a head start on the best yearbook your ​school has ever seen.

Skills? Theme?

Why not both?!

We offer two different camps: ​boot camp and main camp.

If you're hesitant to attend our ​full camp, come get your feet ​wet and try our boot camp!

Or maybe you're like us and ​can't get enough yearbook, in ​which case you can sign up for ​both camps (and you get the ​extra night in the dorm on the ​night of the 26th)!

Can't decide? Check out more ​about these camps and pricing ​below. If that doesn't help, send ​us an email and we'll help you ​pick what's best for you!

Boot Camp

June 26, from 9-4

  • You Pick a Skill Track, ​which is where you'll ​spend most of your ​time. You get hands-on ​practice and direct ​instruction in your ​chosen area!
  • Attend Camp Welcome
  • Enjoy lunch on the CU ​Campus
  • Go home with all the ​camp swag!

Main Camp

June 27-29

  • Get the complete ​campus experience: ​living alongside other ​RMJ campers in a dorm, ​enjoying meals in the ​state-of-the-art dining ​hall
  • Focus on developing ​your 2024 theme with ​your staff
  • 1-on-1 counseling from ​a renown yearbook ​adviser
  • Evening entertainment ​and staff bonding ​(volleyball tournament, ​lip sync battle)

Before you dive into ​theme development, ​brush up on your skills!



View Pricing

Whether you’re a new staffer or a seasoned pro, ​this stand-alone day of skills training before main ​camp starts will prove invaluable to your year. ​Each track will feature instruction from an ​eminent instructor and hands-on practice time. ​Campers choose their track when registering.

Track Options


Join a cohort of fellow advisers ​to plan out your year, learn new ​techniques, and update your ​systems in a collaborative ​setting.


If you are newer to yearbook, ​this will cover all of the basics ​you need to take your game to ​the next level-- storytelling, ​photojournalism, basic design, ​caption writing and more.


Learn how to go beyond basic ​grid design, and start ​incorporating advanced design ​elements including typography, ​hierarchy, and graphics into ​your best-looking yearbook ever.


Leading your peers to produce a ​top-notch yearbook is a ​challenging adventure. Hone your ​leadership skills and style while ​making concrete plans for getting ​the best out of your staff this year.


If you’ve never picked up a ​DSLR camera, we highly ​recommend you do so before ​participating in this intensive ​course. Both camera technique ​and photo composition will be ​covered, and you will walk away ​ready to shoot in every situation ​a yearbook photojournalist will ​encounter.


Finding and writing compelling ​stories is at the heart of this ​course on yearbook copy. Go ​beyond the basic summary to ​get creative with formats and ​story angles, ensuring that your ​readers will be engrossed in ​every word.

Theme Camp is all about refining your vision for the ​2024 yearbook: verbal and visual theme elements, a ​coverage ladder, design elements, and story ideas. Each ​day will be filled with instructional keynotes, guided ​work time, fun breakouts on focused topics, and ​support from our expert, award-winning instructors.



Our Goal is for you ​to leave camp with:

-polished theme ​statement

-opening copy

-locked-in visual elements

-start of a design ​package

if you have a larger staff at ​camp, you should also leave ​with:

-theme package design ​and copy

-gut layout designs

-coverage/ladder ​completion

Develop your 2024 theme ​with guidance and ​training from top ​yearbook educators.


Rocky Mountain Journalism is an all-inclusive, ​overnight camp where students work on their ​publications for the upcoming year while guided ​by nationally and state-recognized instructors.

Full Camp ​Experience:

Boot Camp and Main Camp


  • All materials for Boot ​Camp and Main Camp
  • Room and board
  • Meals*
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Camp Swag

*no breakfast on June 26, no ​lunch or dinner on June 29

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$565 ​Value

Main Camp Only


  • All materials for Main ​Camp
  • Room and board
  • Meals*
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Camp Swag

*no breakfast on June 27, no ​lunch or dinner on June 29

Boot Camp Only


  • All materials for Boot ​Camp
  • Lunch at CU
  • Camp Swag


Extra Night:

Adult Single Room:

Chaperone Only:

Commuter Main Camp:





Large Group Discount!

$25 off per person

8 or more attendees from your school

Cancellation Policy

Registrations canceled prior to May 20, ​will receive a full refund. After June 5, ​there will be a $100 late fee assessed.

Payment Policy

Campers must be paid in full by May 20 to attend camp. There will be no ​exceptions. If paying by school check, a PO number is needed in order to ​attend. No-show campers will be liable for the full cost of tuition as well as ​a $30 inconvenience fee. We do not accept personal checks.

Life at Camp

In between all ​of your hard ​work, don’t ​forget to have ​some fun.

RMJ is the perfect place to bond with your staff on ​CU-Boulder’s beautiful campus. Stay up too late in ​the dorm, gossiping with your roomie. Watch your ​adviser try to balance on a scooter (it's for team-​building)! Pile up your dessert plate in the dining hall. ​Sign up for the volleyball tournament and compete in ​our legendary lip sync battle (we go all out).

Sample Schedule

Boot Camp

8:30 am

Arrive on CU’s campus for check-​in and move into your dorm for ​the next few days (if you're also ​enrolled in Main Camp)

9:30 am

Attend an Opening Keynote

10:00 am

Meet up with your track instructor ​for direct instruction and hands-​on practice

12:30 pm

Break for lunch at a state of the ​art campus dining hall. Don’t ​forget some softserve!

1:30 pm

Track Time

4:00 pm

Camp Closing

4:30 pm

Check out and drive home if you ​aren't staying for Main Camp. If ​you are, head back to the dorms ​before dinner. In the evening, ​spend some time team-bonding ​with other students from your ​school or meeting new friends

Sample Schedule

Main Camp

8:00 am

Get breakfast

9:00 am​

Attend a Keynote on Visual ​Theme

10:00 am

Sc​hool work time with counselors

11:00 am​

Te​am Bonding Activities

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Choose a breakout ​session to attend

2:30 pm

Keynote on building a style ​guide and design library

3:30 pm​

School work time with counselors

5:00 pm​


7:00 pm​

Li​p Sync Battle

9:00 pm​

Wo​rk time

11:00 p​m

Li​ghts out


My yearbook publisher ​isn't Herff Jones. Can I still ​come to camp?

Yes! Yearbook camp is for all ​yerds and we welcome everyone!

Anyone will benefit from our ​direct counseling with top ​advisers and hands-on instruction. ​Plus you get to meet other staffs ​from all over!

Can I still come to RMJ if I ​am not from Colorado?

Yes! We have schools, advisers ​and counselors come from all ​over the country! To help ​logistically, we offer an extra night ​in the CU dorms for $90.

Our closest airport is DIA. Campus ​is only 45 minutes by car or ​shuttle and an hour via RTD ​SkyRide Bus service. Once in ​Boulder, RTD public ​transportation can help you get ​around Boulder easily if needed, ​and even to Denver!

I would be the only staffer ​from my school there. ​Should I even come?

Yes! Whether you are the only ​staffer or 1-of-20, RMJ camp is ​perfect for you!


Rocky Mountain Journalism has a proud ​tradition of helping yearbook staffs meet and ​exceed their true potential, working with each ​school community to create a treasured ​keepsake made by students, for their fellow ​students.

We are passionate about partnering with yearbook ​advisers, helping them train strong yearbook staffers who ​fall in love with the process of taking photos, managing a ​business, designing layouts, leading teams and the many ​other skills that define the yearbook experience. We love ​what we do and we are here for you!​

We represent Herff Jones Yearbooks, a division of Varsity ​Brands with a 100-year track record of offering expert ​yearbook consultation and high-quality printed products to ​both the K-12 and College levels. Herff Jones consistently ​prints more CSPA AND NSPA award-winning yearbooks at ​both the state and national level than all of the other ​yearbook companies combined.

Nothing prepares ​you for the year ​quite like RMJ.

Our journalism summer camp ​has been educating and ​inspiring young journalists for ​over 30 years. We create the ​perfect environment for amazing ​theme-development (you will be ​guided and supported by well-​known “gurus”), next-level staff ​bonding (nothing brings you ​closer than choreographing your ​lip-sync battle routine), and ​personal development you didn’t ​know you were capable of.

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